Leading Through Uncertainty, Complexity, and Change

A Fighter Pilot’s Perspective

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Brandon Williams - Leadership Speaker & Coach

Brandon’s Audiences Include…

Human Factors Leadership

Brandon helps leaders transform their teams into high performing, high reliability organizations by harnessing the same tools used by US Air Force Fighter Pilots.

Leveraging his work in Human Factors and human performance research, his methodology equips leaders to organize, lead, and operate effectively in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environments where human error is prevalent.

Brandon Williams, Leadership Speaker & Coach

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With decades of experience as an Air Force fighter pilot and Lieutenant Colonel navigating complex situations, Brandon understands the critical human factors for mitigating errors, managing change, and maximizing team execution. He works with business leaders to apply proven tools and techniques leveraged by fighter squadrons and special operations teams. These methods enhance alignment, accountability, autonomy, situational awareness, and open communication even when uncertainty abounds. His high-energy KEYNOTES and WORKSHOPS unveil how to lead change and breakthrough performance barriers. ALL PROGRAMS ARE HIGHLY-CUSTOMIZED TO HIS AUDIENCE!

Brandon’s Audiences Include…

Keynotes & Workshops

Leadership Speaker, Brandon Williams