"Brandon’s keynote was absolutely terrific. Energetic, lots of enthusiasm… but most importantly a LOT of specific takeaways that our members can take back to execute on and be better Leaders!"
Dan Berger, President & CEO
National Assoc. of Federally-Insured Credit Unions
"Great keynote on getting intentional and focused on how to lead a team to successful execution!"
Afton Holt, President
Corner Post Marketing
"Insightful, relevant and actionable!"
John Kenworthy, President
Storey Kenworthy
"It was an engaging session creating a parallel between something you may not know much about and your business! It made it much more fun and enjoyable to consider your own behavior with your team."
Kaytlin Maddix, Director of Operations
Merrill Manufacturing
"Engaging and relevant content that is applicable to every business. Thank you, Brandon — for the presentation and your service to our great country."
Lisa Hart, Sales Manager
Workspace, Inc.
"It provides actionable steps to apply to help teams better perform!"
Ofelia Rumbo, HR Manager
Merrill Manufacturing
"Inspiring lecture on how to be a good leader and teammate through eliminating complexity."
Abby Schaefer, Human Resources
Global Atlantic Financial
"Fun, inspiring and gives me some strategic action items to implement!"
Amanda Tuck, Regional Sales Manager
Billion to One
"Relevant content, excellent delivery, actionable takeaways!"
Nate Weaton, President & CEO
Weaton Companies
"Loved how Brandon connected the pitfalls and challenges in Healthcare Sales to his experiences as a F-15 fighter pilot. A high energy talk that provides a framework on how to process information and translate it into actionable results. This is a talk for everyone - from individual contributors to leaders alike!"
Nicholas Canes, Senior Account Executive
Billion to One
"Brandon’s keynote address was phenomenal! The presentation was engaging, motivating, to the point, and very real. Powerful! The information presented on how to lead teams in uncertain and complex environments spoke to the attendees. It was fascinating to learn how the leadership strategy and lessons he learned in the military translated to and applied so perfectly in the civilian world. I learned a lot from Brandon’s stories and real-life examples. It was especially meaningful to hear about the impact of situational awareness and de-centralized execution on leadership success. Furthermore, not only was Brandon well received by the audience but was an absolute pleasure to work with, professional and personable. All in all, he made a powerful impact on the group and made the event a huge success!"
Olga Kurochkina, Event Planner
National Assoc. of Federally-Insured Credit Unions
"Great tangible steps for strategy and teamwork!"
Jennifer Hoskovec, Senior Dir. of Medical Affairs
Billion to One